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The taste of Mediterranean almonds, lightly roasted to bring out their nuttiness combined with the smooth, sweet taste of vanilla. With Alpro Vanilla flavoured almond drink you’ll enjoy plant-based perfection in a...
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Almonds. Now, they’re the real divas of the nut world. Arriving sun-kissed from the Mediterranean. Demanding VIP treatment. They’re roasted, ever so gently. It’s the best way to keep them delicious, no sugars or...
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Rich and sophisticated. No, we’re not talking about your next date here. Our Dark Chocolate flavoured almond drink combines the taste of dark chocolate with just a whisper of delicate roasted almonds in a smooth,...
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Wow, is this a winner! Guaranteed gluten-free, so you can keep more of your plant-loving coffee drinkers happy. Mellow, smooth taste and a lovely, light, silky texture. Fabulous hot or cold. Plus a microfoam made for...
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We’re always ready to chat about the benefits of going plant-based. But sometimes, we’re simply about the pursuit of pleasure. Like now. The taste of vanilla is the perfect love match for our smooth soya drink. Just...
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Rich coffee notes plus the natural sweetness of Mediterranean almonds…sounds too good to be true, right? But that’s just what you get when you combine your coffee with our Almond drink. Great flavor and a rich, creamy...
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Oatstanding oats. They’re doing a great job. We found a way to make a totally unique drink from European-harvested oats. It’s rich in fibre and calcium, with no sugars and absolutely no sweeteners. So all you get is...


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