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This whole foie-gras terrine is made from a strict selection of the best Foie Gras of French Origin. Containing 95% of duck liver and 4% of figs, this terrine reflects the origins of foie gras, when the Egyptians were...
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This high quality pre-cooked whole duck Foie gras is prepared with Armagnac, a traditional brandy from southern France. Consume as is without any other condiments, with a slice of grilled bread, or simply a pinch of...
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Sturia is the largest producer of caviar in France, near Bordeaux.  Sturia is now used by many 3 Michelin star chefs around the world. which is again refined for 3 to 8 months is a part of the brand’s exclusive...
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Cutting service
This whole foie-gras terrine is made from a strict selection of the best Foie Gras of French Origin. It is firm and does not fall apart allowing clean cuts of meat and a tidy presentation. It boasts rounded,...
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An amazing Whole Duck Foie Gras, selected from the finest 100% French origin Foie Gras. This whole duck foie gras is ideal for those who appreciate authentic taste.  
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A special product by Tartufi Morra, velvety butter cream, prepared with the prized Alba white truffle to make every recipe shine and a Fine dining delight to be savoured all year round....
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Torreon 50% Iberico Belotta Chorizo considered one of the fine parts of the pig, this is the most appreciated of sausages and similar meats. The basis of its dressing is paprika and salt; it is cured in natural drying...
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Only the best and freshest farm produce is packed in every jar of Sonnamera Pickles which give the pickles their distinctive crunchy bite. Delicious every time.


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